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The competent problem-oriented
care for a healthy skin.

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When body care becomes health care.

numis®med is the expert, problem-oriented care for maintaining your skin healthy. With this brand, we offer a comprehensive assortment tailored for certain skin conditions.

numis®med is developed in collaboration with a famous testing institute that also tests and verifies the effectiveness and tolerance of all our products.

numis®med is also suitable for allergy-sensitive skin because it has no perfume, lanolin, PEG, dyes, parebenes and mineral oils.

numis®med is the medical skin care, also available outside of pharmacies in every well-stocked drugstore or toiletry department. 

Brand expertise since 1982

The name numis®med was derived from the Latin terms nutrition and epidermis. The medical skin care numis®med supplies the epidermis (skin) with valuable nutrients that are important for the skin’s natural regeneration process.

numis®med is an authoritative brand that since 1982 has been undergoing further development with the help of leading dermatologists. numis®med became a household name with the ph 5.5 Series, a care product series for the skin-neutral range. This body cleansing series was especially developed for persons with very sensitive skin.

In 2010, the first special care series numis®med for neurodermatitis, psoriasis, diabetics and persons suffering from dry skin caused by age, environmental or occupational factors is introduced into the market under the numis®med UREA umbrella brand.