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Medical body care for sensitive skin

numis med pH 5,5 SENSITIVE

Increasing environmental pollution damages the skin and its natural acidic protective layer. Additionally, stress, a hectic lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition and the spread of allergies exert a negative effect on skin – the number of persons with exceptionally dry skin keeps growing.

numis®med pH 5,5: Mild cleansing and additional protection of the skin’s lipid barrier through skin-neutral surfactants with pH 5,5 which stabilise the acid mantle together with Hydrolactol® and Lamesoft PO 65®. The hygroscopic and lipid replenishing properties of the formulas contribute to skin relaxation.

In the care products from numis®med pH 5,5 SENSITIVE, a special active ingredient complex provides the sensitive, stressed skin with moisture. The active ingredients SymCalmin® and vitamin B contribute to soothing the skin.

numis med pH 5.5 SENSITIVE

numis med UREA

numis® med UREA medical skin care was developed in collaboration with a famous testing institute especially for persons with neurodermatitis, diabetes and psoriasis as well as for those with dry skin.

A comprehensive clinical study has demonstrated its outstanding effectiveness and tolerance for very dry, problematic skin. This study has also shown that a regular application of numis® med UREA products enhances the skin’s moisture content by 44%. 

numis med UREA

numis med SENIOR CARE

The more mature the skin, the more demanding it is.

In old age, the skin does not regenerate as quickly and is less able to store moisture. Sweat and sebum production falls, impeding the formation of the acid mantle. The issue of incontinence in particular presents great challenges for the products in terms of hygiene and care.

numis®med SENIOR CARE: the goal is to prevent damage to the skin and keep it healthy in the long term. This is primarily achieved by supporting the function of the skin as a natural barrier.

numis med SENIOR CARE