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numis med SENIOR CARE

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Special care for professional home care 

numis®med SENIOR CARE offers a balanced product assortment. The more mature the skin, the more demanding it is. In old age, the skin does not regenerate as quickly and is less able to store moisture. Sweat and sebum production falls, impeding the formation of the acid mantle. The issue of incontinence in particular presents great challenges for the products in terms of hygiene and care.

The goal is to prevent damage to the skin and keep it healthy in the long term. This is primarily achieved by supporting the function of the skin as a natural barrier.

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Liquid Face & Body Wash

The mild wash lotion was developed to clean extremely dry and sensitive skin, including the face.

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Cleansing Care Mousse - Intimate Area

For fast, gentle cleansing, especially in the case of faecal incontinence. Odour-neutralising.

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Protective Skin Care Lotion

Ideal for keeping very dry, sensitive elderly skin healthy. The formula supplies the dry skin intensively with moisture and prevents it from drying out further.

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Barrier Cream - Intimate Area

Ideal skin protection for intimate areas. This perfume-free barrier cream forms a breathable protective film over the skin and protecting the skin.

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Repair Foot Balm

The quickly-absorbed foot balm with urea and panthenolprovides intensive moisture and is ideal for caring for extremely dry, rough feet, corns and pressure sores.

numis®med SENIOR CARE
Massage Gel Creme 

For invigorating stiff muscles. Massage cream for massaging and for application to the neck, shoulder, arm and leg areas.