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numis®med UREA
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numis®med UREA medical skin care was developed in collaboration with a famous testing institute especially for persons with neurodermatitis, diabetes and psoriasis as well as for those with dry skin. numiscmed

Since it contains no perfume, lanolin, PEG, dyes, parabenes and mineral oils, this series is particularly suitable for allergy-sensitive skin.

A comprehensive clinical study has demonstrated its outstanding effectiveness and tolerance for very dry, problematic skin. This study has also shown that a regular application of numis®med UREA products enhances the skin’s moisture content by 44%.

Find out about the individual products of the numis®med UREA series.


numis®med UREA
Day Cream With Hyaluron

The fast absorbing emulsion with highly effective urea and hyaluron binds lasting moisture and eases tension feelings.

numis®med UREA
Mosturizing Mask

The moisturizing mask with 5% urea refreshes dry skin, protecting it from moisture loss and giving it new suppleness.

numis®med UREA
Deep Cleansing Peeling Mask

Optimal for all skin conditions with a tendency for inflammation and for hyperfunctioning sebaceous glands.

numis®med UREA

The numis®med UREA Shampoo cleans dry, itchy scalp and demanding hair especially gently.


numis®med UREA
Shower Gel 

The numis®med UREA shower gel with 5% urea is perfect for gently cleansing extremely dry skin on a daily basis.

numis®med UREA
Wash Gel

The numis®med wash gel with 5% urea is perfect for gently cleansing extremely dry skin on a daily basis.

numis®med UREA
Body Lotion

The numis®med UREA body lotion intensively cares for extremely dry, itchy skin by moisturizing and protecting it.

numis®med UREA
Body Milk

This rich W/O emulsion with 10% urea provides intensive care, moisture and protection for extremely dry, itchy and flaky skin.

numis®med UREA
Repair Hand Balm

Special care for very dry and extremely stressed hands.

numis®med UREA
Foot Balm

The special foot balm is absorbed quickly, cares for the skin intensively and moisturizes it for a long time.

numis®med UREA

The special care regenerates chapped, very horny feet and prevents infections.